Mentoring Adds Value

Mentoring valueThere are many ways that a mentoring program can add value to your company, association or organisation. Here are just some of them:

  • Mentoring is a very effective way to welcome new employees and induct them into your organisation’s culture and values or to support recently promoted employees.
  • Mentoring can offer effective support for minority groups or special employees and promote diversity.
  • A faciliated mentoring program can build a collegiate group which is more willing to share their experience and informal knowledge in a productive way.
  • Mentoring can assist in succession planning and the development of new leaders, provide a better basis for promotion and advancement decisions and shift high potential individuals onto the fast career track.

The messages that an invitation to participate in a mentoring program can be transformational.


“A lot of people don’t do great things because great things really aren’t expected of them and because nobody really demands they try.”
Steve Jobs

The power of demonstrating that great things are expected is immeasurable.  Mentoring really does add value.