Strategic Planning Blueprint for Success

Strategic Planning Blueprint SuccessWhen I work with organisations to develop their strategic plans it still surprises me how varied the goals and expectations of the team around the table can actually be.

So often senior management teams, who thought they were all heading in the same direction, discover with amazement the different future visions held by their colleagues.

As deep differences are uncovered, the reasons for conflict, problems and past failures can become evident. The clear and obvious path forward for one person represents a backward turn for another, until consensus can be reached on organisational direction. Values which some thought were shared by the group may need to be questioned and the meaning, mission and purpose of the organisation scrutinized.

Many programs, departments and organisations have been created and succeeded with no formal business plan. But only if they have a definite strategy: a strategic planning blueprint for success consisting of a clear vision of the future, a strong sense of purpose, a set of shared values and common expectations which guide the articulation of goals or milestones.

Organisations without such a strategic planning blueprint for success, not only clearly articulated but agreed and widely communicated, struggle.

Your Strategic Planning Blueprint

As organisations grow, articulating the strategic planning blueprint can often lead into a more formal business plan. For a smaller organisation, or a special program or project, just the blueprint or strategic plan may be sufficient. But the process of creating your strategic planning blueprint for success underpins most successful teams at all levels in your organisation.

Are all your people working to achieve the same vision?

“The only limits are, as always, those of vision.”

James Broughton

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