Business and Leadership Tools

KMG Consulting offer a wide range of Business and Leadership Tools, including products, services, seminars and eCourses, all designed to help you develop the skills you, or your people, need.


We know how busy you are so we have developed the convenience of Online Courses to help you develop the skills you need to succeed. While many of our online courses are only available to clients or members, here are some of simple Online Courses you may find helpful.

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Contact us for details of how we can develop custom online courses and learning tools for you.

Individual Coaching

Kerrie Mullins-Gunst is available to coach a small number of selected executives and high potential candidates personally. Individual Executive and Leadership Coaching or Mentoring is confidential, customised to your personal needs and respectful of your position in the organisation. Individual coaching is one of the most powerful leadership tools.  It may be arranged either by you as an individual personally or through your organisation.

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Group Coaching and Mentor Magic™

Work with Kerrie face-to-face to develop the leadership skills you need to achieve your full potential. Mentor Magic™ is an intensive, small group leadership development program personally facilitated by Kerrie Mullins-Gunst as lead mentor. Designed especially for executives, experienced and senior managers, and business owners, we frequently run it for small management teams within organisations.

More details about Mentor Magic™ and our Group Coaching Services.


KMG Consulting offer a range of Seminars, on topics including:

  • Develop Your Leadership Skills
  • Leadership for Women
  • Personal Strategic Planning
  • Women at Work – Career planning for women
  • Strategic Planning for Your Business
  • Marketing in an Online World, and
  • Successful Change Management

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Kerrie can speak to your conference, meeting or event about leadership and the business and leadership tools you can use to develop a successful business and real leadership in your people. One of Australia’s leading female business speakers, Kerrie is highly sought after for her capacity to entertain, motivate and inform.

More details of Kerrie’s speaking presentation topics.

Facilitation and Consulting

Use Kerrie for effective, professional facilitation when you want to guide and challenge boards and business leadership teams, department or crisis teams, strategic planning sessions or stakeholder advisory groups. If the outcomes are important to you, an experienced and highly regarded facilitator such as Kerrie will add value by ensuring you achieve the results you require.

More details about our Strategic planning and other Facilitation services.

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