Strategic Planning Blueprint for Success

When I work with organisations to develop their strategic plans it still surprises me how varied the goals and expectations of the team around the table can actually be. So often senior management teams, who thought they were all heading in the same direction, discover with amazement the different future visions held by their colleagues. As deep differences are uncovered, […] Read more and leave a comment»

Mentoring Fact Sheet

A number of people have asked for a Mentoring fact sheet based on our recent article Seven Good Reasons to Set Up a Leadership Mentoring Program so we are happy to oblige. You can download your mentoring fact sheet here:  Free Fact Sheet – Seven Good Reasons Why Mentoring Works See below for resources that may help you develop an effective mentoring program: Read more and leave a comment»

Mentoring Adds Value

There are many ways that a mentoring program can add value to your company, association or organisation. Here are just some of them: Mentoring is a very effective way to welcome new employees and induct them into your organisation’s culture and values or to support recently promoted employees. Mentoring can offer effective support for minority groups or special employees and […] Read more and leave a comment»

Business Blogging – Internet marketing tips – part 2

Blogging is a huge phenomenon on the Internet today but what about business blogging?  People all around the world have blogs, but can blogging be beneficial to your business? Yes, it can! If you build up a following of people who read your business blog on a regular basis, you and your business can gain allies, partnerships and referrals – […] Read more and leave a comment»

Leadership Expertise – Quick Tips for Building it

To follow from our recent article on Leadership Styles and Being an Expert I thought I might share with you some Quick Tips for building your leadership expertise. There really are only a few ways to build expertise. If you do need to rapidly build your leadership expertise here is how to do it: Ask lots of questions. Don’t be […] Read more and leave a comment»

Leadership styles – Being an expert in everything

One of the first things we notice about good leaders is how many different yet effective types of leadership styles there are. While one of these leadership styles will be authentically right for you, and it might be very different to the leadership styles adopted by others in your organisation. But regardless of your personal leadership style, there is one trap […] Read more and leave a comment»

Effective Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is more than just a long staff meeting. The process of strategic planning is probably one of the most powerful tools available to an organisation, department or team. When a group work together to develop a plan they carry a strong commitment to implementing it away with them. Yet too many people have had poor experiences with strategic […] Read more and leave a comment»

Is there a risk your key people make you vulnerable?

In one of the seminars I present we do a quick organisational vulnerability audit or risk assessment. Regularly, participants list key person dependency as one of their organisation’s critical vulnerabilities. The fact is that people do get hit by buses, laid low by the ‘flu, headhunted by competitors, or worse… How well are you equipped to handle a risk such […] Read more and leave a comment»

Group Conflict

What to do When Group Dynamics or Group Conflict are a Problem Once you are promoted to a group leadership role you will find yourself responsible for meeting or group facilitation as a regular part of your role. So it is important you develop the skills required to manage group dynamics and handle any group conflict effectively. Aside from routine […] Read more and leave a comment»

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