Business and Leadership Tools

KMG Consulting offer a wide range of Business and Leadership Tools, including products, services, seminars and eCourses, all designed to help you develop the skills you, or your people, need.


We know how busy you are so we have developed the convenience of Online Courses to help you develop the skills you need to succeed. While many of our online courses are only available to clients or members, here are some of simple Online Courses you may find helpful.

More details about some of our Online Courses.

Contact us for details of how we can develop custom online courses and learning tools for you.

Individual Coaching

Kerrie Mullins-Gunst is available to coach a small number of selected executives and high potential candidates personally. Individual Executive and Leadership Coaching or Mentoring is confidential, customised to your personal needs and respectful of your position in the organisation. Individual coaching is one of the most powerful leadership tools.  It may be arranged either by you as an individual personally or through your organisation.

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Group Coaching and Mentor Magic™

Work with Kerrie face-to-face to develop the leadership skills you need to achieve your full potential. Mentor Magic™ is an intensive, small group leadership development program personally facilitated by Kerrie Mullins-Gunst as lead mentor. Designed especially for executives, experienced and senior managers, and business owners, we frequently run it for small management teams within organisations.

More details about Mentor Magic™ and our Group Coaching Services.


KMG Consulting offer a range of Seminars, on topics including:

  • Develop Your Leadership Skills
  • Leadership for Women
  • Personal Strategic Planning
  • Women at Work – Career planning for women
  • Strategic Planning for Your Business
  • Marketing in an Online World, and
  • Successful Change Management

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Kerrie can speak to your conference, meeting or event about leadership and the business and leadership tools you can use to develop a successful business and real leadership in your people. One of Australia’s leading female business speakers, Kerrie is highly sought after for her capacity to entertain, motivate and inform.

More details of Kerrie’s speaking presentation topics.

Facilitation and Consulting

Use Kerrie for effective, professional facilitation when you want to guide and challenge boards and business leadership teams, department or crisis teams, strategic planning sessions or stakeholder advisory groups. If the outcomes are important to you, an experienced and highly regarded facilitator such as Kerrie will add value by ensuring you achieve the results you require.

More details about our Strategic planning and other Facilitation services.

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Business Coaching Services

In addition to our Group Coaching Programs and Leadership Coaching Club, we also offer individual Executive and Leadership Business Coaching Services and Mentoring.

executive business coaching servicesBusiness coaching services provided by Kerrie Mullins-Gunst personally are restricted to a very small number of senior and high potential candidates at any one time. Group Coaching programs are delivered under the Mentor Magic banner.

Individual Business owner, Executive and Leadership Business Coaching Services and Mentoring

Business owners, leaders or executives facing a new leadership role, strategic change opportunities or other challenging situation will benefit from the individual coaching and mentoring provided by Kerrie in this one-on-one program.

Program duration for individual business coaching services is for three to five months minimum (depending on the program agreed), with an option to extend by mutual agreement.

Coaching can be done by phone (or Skype) with email and state of the art online facilities for support, and site visits can be arranged if required. All required worksheets and other materials are included in the cost and can be provided provided digitally for extra convenience.

There are also a number of different program options available to suit your personal needs.

Please use the Coaching Application Form below to ask for further details or to enquire as to whether any vacancies currently exist. We are happy to arrange a discussion with Kerrie to determine if your participation in an Individual Coaching Program would best suit your personal needs.

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Customised leadership coaching services or problem solving sessions for executives, team leaders and high potential candidates or your whole business leadership team can provide a safe sounding board and confidential context in which to challenge ideas and develop leadership skills.

See more details about our Group Coaching Programs or contact us via the Coaching Application Form above for full details about all our leadership and business coaching services.

Business Owners, Managers and Team Leaders

Are you struggling to reach your marketing objectives and get the business results you want and need from your people?

  • Does it sometimes seem that the more people you have working for you, the more you have to do yourself? strategy and marketing consulting
  • Is every change you make resisted?
  • Are you having trouble eliminating the urgent so you can work on what’s really important – like reaching your marketing objectives?
  • Do you find yourself so caught up in today’s challenges that you can’t focus on what’s important?
  • Do you have so much to do already that you just don’t have time to train your people or develop good systems and processes?
  • Are you ready to move beyond management to leadership, and to fulfil your potential, as well as that of your team and your organisation?

Have you discovered that running your business isn’t quite as easy as it sounded when you first started out?

  • Do you struggle to keep your team focused on the main game and YOUR goals?
  • Do others understand and embrace your vision? Or are they just resisting it?
  • Are you struggling to attract enough clients or customers to support your business growth and reach your marketing objectives?
  • Are you too busy with day-to-day issues to fine tune your marketing program to match your marketing objectives, let alone embrace and capitalise on new online marketing strategies?

Well, you’re not alone  …  and you’ve come to the right place!

Kerrie Mullins-Gunst, Principal KMG ConsultingHi, I’m Kerrie Mullins-Gunst, Principal of KMG Consulting. And yes, there are proven, effective ways you can lead your people, and your business, to exceptional results.

When you use them, you’ll enthuse people, inspire change and succeed as a leader and as a business person with a lot less struggle and effort. Your team will embrace your marketing objectives and vision for business growth. Your ideal clients and customers will find you without you constantly needing to pursue them.

Since 1993 I’ve worked with people just like you to help them identify and implement the most effective business marketing objectives and leadership development strategies so their business grows.

And I’d love to show you how to get great results out of all the people you lead.

So here’s what you should do next…

First, collect your copy of my free Leadership Resources Pack – waiting for you right now, with my compliments.

Second, have a look through the range of Services offered by KMG Consulting to see just some of the different ways we can help you develop a successful business strategy, reach your marketing objectives and grow your business by developing leadership in your people.

About KMG Consulting

KMG Consulting creates value for our clients by identifying and implementing the most effective business marketing and leadership development strategies so your business grows.

We offer all the help you need to mentor, manage and lead your people to great results through group facilitation, seminars, online programs and insightful consulting advice in leadership, strategic planning, successful change management and effective marketing.

KMG Consulting is committed to helping group leadership grow in good people and organisations. Since its establishment by Kerrie Mullins-Gunst in April 1993, KMG Consulting has provided high level support and consulting advice in strategic planning, opportunity identification, risk negotiation, issues management, and marketing and communication strategy and online marketing, as well as leadership development, coaching and mentoring.

Who KMG Consulting Works With

KMG Consulting has worked with a wide variety of commercial and not-for-profit organisations, including utilities, mining companies, agri-vet, plastics and chemical manufacturing, superannuation, banking, agricultural, recreational, government, scientific and technical organisations, schools and universities, small businesses and a substantial range of industry, trade and professional associations.

Contact Us for more details about how KMG Consulting can help build your business.

Not Just Consulting Services

Kerrie is a professional speaker, author, group facilitator and business advisor with more than 20 years of experience in business, communication, education and science. She is sought by many for her strategic insight and exceptional ability to communicate with a wide range of audiences and facilitate collective outcomes.

One of Australia’s leading female business speakers, Kerrie has motivated and informed audiences ranging from corporate executives, employees and university students to small business owners and their partners. Her presentations have been enjoyed across Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada, the United States and in Japan.

Kerrie Mullins-Gunst (MBA BSc DipEd) is a rare find in the business world with solid academic qualifications tempered by real world experience, insight and an exceptional ability to communicate.

Professional, friendly and informative, Kerrie’s insights will have a positive impact on your business, morale and bottom line.

See more details about Kerrie Mullins-Gunst.