Books Worth Buying

Clients and participants in my seminars often ask for details of some of the books I refer to during my presentations so, as promised, here are just a few of my favourite books worth buying. My library has been built up over many years with books collected from all parts of the world. So they may not all be currently in print in your region.

I’ve tried to provide a link for you to order the book either from, (although we have no say over whether the book is actually in stock at Amazon) or elsewhere. You will also find your local new and used bookstores very helpful if you smile at them. I have also added some latest release books on various topics recommended by Amazon.

I hope you enjoy all these books worth buying on leadership, strategy, change, crises and communication. They are not listed in any particular order in the various sections and the categories overlap somewhat, so have a look at all of them.

If you have suggestions for other books worth buying that I should add to any of these categories please let me know.

Kerrie Mullins-Gunst


Click the links for books worth buying on these topics:

Books worth buying on Leading and Leadership

Books worth buying on Mentoring and Coaching

Books worth buying on Strategy and Planning

Books worth buying on Change and Transition

Books worth buying on Risk, Crisis and Controversial Issues Management

Books worth buying on Speaking, Presenting and Training